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An industry expert put together a comprehensive report of legislative priorities for states to level the playing field in auto recycling through state law. Many of the standards that need to be set address consumer safety and disclosure.  Go to Newsletter Summary --> Nov/Dec 2014 Edition

The Iowa NMVTIS and Affidavit Law was signed in April 2015 for January 1, 2016 start date.
The new law will allow licensed Auto Recyclers in Iowa to purchase vehicles without titles by using an affidavit of ownership signed by the seller. The licensed Auto Recycler will have to conduct an NMVTIS search and an online lien check to verify the vehicle is not stolen nor held as security by another party.
Download the sample form ----------------> AFFIDAVIT FORM IOWA

​ARA Legislative Summit & HILL DAY 2019

Mr. Swift Goes to Washington 2019
Past ARA President and Iowa’s native son, Mike Swift will storm the nation’s capital once again in April with a brigade of fellow auto recyclers to discuss the small business struggles and benefits of auto recycling as well as the merits of providing all parts data to the automotive recycling industry. 

Notification on RECALL PARTS and DATA AVAILABILITY continues to be important issues. ARA continues to work on receiving recall data in electronic form as was passed in to law from a bill ARA originally  introduced.  ARA has also introduced language that asked for all VIN data for vehicle parts matching as the best option to be proactive in protecting consumers from unknowingly receiving parts that had been on recall for safety reasons and to increase the usage of used parts for the known environmental and economic benefits. That fight continues to make information available to others in the automotive industry available to auto recyclers. 

The availability of the recall data in batch data form to inventory management systems will allow auto recyclers’ systems to flag recalled parts in real time so that as soon as a defect is identified the parts will be marked as non-saleable. Additionally, if the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or a third party vendor is offering a buy back on recalled parts they will be easily pulled for sale much like integrated core sales programs work now. 

The law was championed in the House of Representatives by Representative Adam Kinzinger, from Illinois, and his motivated staff. ARA honored Representative Kinzinger and his staff for understanding that the data is unnecessarily kept from consumers and auto recyclers even though it was readily available in electronic form. The process is not over and the mechanics of making the data integrated with inventory management system is a political process wrought with concession and compromise. 

Thankfully, Mr. Swift, ARA Executive Committee, and the talented ARA Director of Policy, Delanne Bernier, along with a dedicated support system made up of ARA staff, the genius team at Car-Part, and highly engaged recyclers like Shannon Nordstrom, just to name a few of the many many individuals that accomplished this arduous task, are still at the helm watching the rule writing processThis is big folks. What has already been accomplished is a game changer in the industry. Possibly THE game changer we desperately need. In the true vein of the title innuendo, all made possible by people who cared to make a difference assisted by people who know how to make it happen. Ponder that for a moment please, because those two things do not come together by accident. That IS the political process. 

As the saying goes, "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead

Clarinda, Iowa
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Hill Day was very informative. I really learned alot and appreciated the Legislators listening to us about our industry. Its was very worhtwhile. 
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